Technical lighting instruments
for everyday activities

Our philosophy is simple: design focused, technically proficient lighting products that can be used on a range of projects.

Classic Downlights

Finish: White, Black
Beam: 18º, 25º, 30º, 50º, 60º, 70º
Type: Fixed

Pro Downlights

Finish: White, Black
Beam: 18º, 20º, 24º, 28º, 32º, 35º, 40º, 50º, 55º
Type: Fixed,  Adjustable, Wall Washer, Trimless

Our products can be used to add design interest and aestetic throughout a space, while also providing functional lighting requirements.

Aura Pendants - Coming Soon

Finish: White, Black
Size: 1m, 2m

H2o Flex

Colour Temperature: 2200K-6500K, R, G, B (Static), RGB, RGBW, TW
CRI: 80+, 90+

With cyanosis compliant and low glare options, our technology is suitable for hospital and aged care installations.

Stable Panels - Coming Soon

Available in cyanosis and low glare options

Lineal Profiles

Available in recessed, flanged and angled options

Weatherproof - Coming Soon

Available in LED output of up to xxx